10. Megumi Fushigoro

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If you have already seen the first episode, you know who this cool guy is; if you haven’t, go watch it right now!

Megumi Fushigoro is a Grade 2 shaman or Jujutsu sorcerer and a first-year student of Jujutsu High School.

Megumi is exceptionally strong with his greatest feat being the recognition of his strength by the King of Curses, Ryoumen Sukuna, himself.

On top of this, Megumi is a descendant of the Zennin Family (one of the Three Great Shaman families) and a user of the Ten Shadows Technique – a curse technique which is rare even amongst the Zenin clan.

His technique allows him to manipulate shadow using his curse energy and summon strong shikigami beasts.

9. Toge

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Toge Inumaki is an extremely powerful Grade 1 shaman or Jujutsu Sorcerer and a second-year student of Jujutsu High. He hails from the Inumaki clan, a clan known for its ‘Cursed Words’ technique.

Toge’s Cursed Technique (Cursed Words) gives him a god-like ability – whatever he speaks, must happen.

For example, if he says ‘Fall,’ then the target (anybody who heard it) must fall down due to his cursed energy.

8. Kento Nanami

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Kento Nanami is your next-door office-going Grade 1 shaman or Jujutsu sorcerer. He’s always dressed in a business suit and likes to work in his designated shifts instead of doing overtime.

He is also the former junior of Satoru as Nanami was in his second year of his high school when Satoru was in his third.

But, do not get fooled by his looks and appearances! Nanami is a highly respected shaman who was considered a ‘true threat’ by the likes of Mahito.

Even his cursed technique is as intellectual as Nanami – Ratio Technique allows him to create a weak point onto his opponent’s body with a ratio of seven to three.

7. Yuji Itadori

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Yuji Itadori is the protagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series and the most inexperienced shaman on this list!

Yuji is your run of the mill Shonen protagonist who believes in saving as many people as he can, and eats a lot (sometimes even dead fingers).

Yuji’s latent physical and mental capabilities are on par with the current world records even without the use of cursed energy.

He’s also the current vessel of the King of Curses, Ryoumen Sukuna. As noted by Satoru Gojo, a vessel like Yuji has not appeared in almost a thousand years who could tame the special grade curses.

6. Jogo & Hanami

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Position 6th in this blog is a tie between two special grade cursed spirits – Jogo and Hanami.

According to Suguru Geto, Jogo and Hanami’s individual strength is equal to about 8 to 9 Sukuna fingers.

If you didn’t know already, cursed spirits are born out of the accumulated feelings of fear, hatred, and anger in human beings. Jogo represents earth & mountains and Hanami represents forests.

Jogo has a single-eyed head with a Mt. Fuji-like appearance while Hanami is the tall one with tree like appearance.

Being special grade spirits, both of them are extremely powerful – Jogo has unbelievable amounts of cursed energy and is able to create mini-volcanos and blasts that could incinerate anyone.

Hanami, on the other hand, has ‘ultimate durability.’ He’s known to be able to withstand any kind of attack by most Jujutsu sorcerers. His technique allows him to manipulate plants around him.

5. Mahito

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Mahito is an extremely strong special grade cursed spirit. He holds the second position amongst cursed spirits in the entire series. Mahito was born out of the feelings of hatred and fear in humans against other humans.

His cursed technique, Idle Transfiguration, allows him to change the very shape of someone’s soul and control them like his subjects. During their first fight, Mahito explains to Nanami that a body is always wrapped around a soul.

Using this philosophy, Mahito can even change the shape of his own soul and grow a pair of wings, claws and whatnot in a matter of seconds. He’s truly a formidable opponent.

4. Yuta Okkotsu

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Yuta Okkotsu is one of the four special grade shamans in Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is also the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen prequel series, Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College.

Okkotsu is strong because of the presence of a special grade protected spirit with nearly infinite amounts of cursed energy – Rika Orimoto, the Queen of Curses. (Yes! Just like the King of Curses, Sukuna).

There is not much known about Okkotsu except for the facts that Rika is his late childhood friend, Okkotsu is currently in his second year with Toge, and that he’s on a solo mission away from the school.

3. Suguru Geto

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Suguru Geto is the second strongest of the four special grade shamans and the former student of Jujutsu High School. Suguru was the classmate of Satoru Gojo and the student of Principal Masamichi Yaiga during his high school years.

His cursed technique is Curse Manipulation that allows him to use each and every cursed spirit he exorcises.

There is not much known about Suguru other than the fact that his strength is acknowledged by the likes of Satoru Gojo and that he won’t kill Jujutsu sorcerers.

His plan is to eliminate all the non-curse-sensitive humans and create an ideal world.

2. Ryoumen Sukuna

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Ryoumen Sukuna is one of the primary antagonists of the series and the undisputed King of Curses. He’s also known as the King of Poisons because of his mastery over every type of poison.

During the Golden Age of Jujutsu Sorcery, all the shamans gathered together to defeat an extremely strong cursed spirit with two faces and four arms, thus giving him the name ‘Ryoumen Sukuna.’ Unfortunately, Sukuna defeated all of them without an effort.

Even after his death due to unknown events, Sukuna was so potent that his body couldn’t be destroyed by shamans so they sealed his powers in his hands and cut his 20 fingers.

The true bounds of his strength are yet to be known. He’s currently reincarnated inside Yuji Itadori’s body with powers amounting to 2 Sukuna fingers.

1. Satoru Gojo

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Satoru Gojo is the strongest character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. His rare curse techniques: Six Eyes and Limitless make him the stronger than all the Jujutsu sorcerers (including the three Special Grade shamans) combined.

He’s currently serving as the teacher for the 1st year shamans of Jujutsu High and is also the member of Gojo clan, one of the Three Great Shaman families.

Gojo is unanimously considered to be stronger than all the Jujutsu sorcerers combined – according to shamans and spirits, his existence is an anomaly in itself. (Yes! I am indeed talking about the fun-loving goofy teacher you saw in the first episode, he’s such a Kakashi, isn’t he?)

Satoru Gojo is the first person in a hundred years to possess both the rarest of the rare cursed techniques – Six Eyes and Gojo family’s Limitless Curse Technique.

He has full control of the space and atoms around him and has immense curse power reserves. Satoru is faster, stronger and more precise than any other shaman this world has ever seen!

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